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 The three-dimensional works are made with synthetic resins, I proceed by recycling polyuterine foam with different diluents and colored pigments, molded over paper mache, fiberglass, iron, bronze and found objects. I am particularly interested in the treatment of details, I also use neon lights to illuminate the interior and the hollows of the pieces, achieving a sensation of crystal transparency. In some pieces, organic shapes predominate, confusing in multiple perspectives.

Sliceshow LR.
Sliceshow Edge

Kikito Rodríguez

Visual Artist

 The Subjects and substances that often surround my artworks are the emotion, knowledge and mythicism. I use concepts typical of abstract expressionism, lyrical abstraction and irrational expressionism.

 Clouds are an important reference in my compositions, the magic of their metamorphoses becomes for me an obsession with the observation of light, darkness, movement and everything they transform.


 In three-dimensional works, I use a mixed medium technique, I work with resin in some sculptures, I recycle polyurethane foam with different thinners and colored pigments to create synthetic resins, molding then into papier-mâché, fiberglass, iron, bronze and found objects. The bidimensional artworks, I use acrylic as my main medium, but sometimes I use mixed medium technique, for example, ink, oil paint, charcoal, oil pastels, pencils. airbrush and other materials.

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